BelForestSurveys LLC

Professional services in international trade for timber and forestry products from Belarus

Due to the expansion of our staff we will move to a new roomy office as of November 20, 2020.

The postal address of BelForestSurveys LLC has been changed from the indicated date to 220090, Belarus, Minsk, Logoyskiy tract, 22a, room 206.

The legal address and other company details remain unchanged.


We provide professional support for exports of forestry and timber products from Belarus around the world



We are professionals in international trade and logistics

We are experts in woodworking

We know everything about forestry sector in Belarus

Why choose us:


Support services for procurement of forestry and woodworking products from Belarus

Quality and quantity inspections of timber shipments in every point of Belarus

Search and due diligence of contractors in woodworking sector of Belarus using our wide business network

Consulting on acqusition and setup of woodworking processing lines

Monitoring of forestry and timber products' market in Belarus

Freight forwarding - trucks, railroad, maritime transport, stevedoring

BelForestSurveys Limited Liability Company

Tel: +375 17 378 36 97




Edged sawn timber

Unedged sawn timber

Peeled and machined wooden poles

Peeled wooden posts

Split firewood

Wood chips

And any other product of woodworking from Belarus needed by our clients

Team of skilled quality inspectors in all regions of Belarus

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Accredited broker on Belarussian universal commodity exchange

(timber section)